Christa M.


Queens, NY

Favorite Quote

“There’s a 5-6-7-8 in every song! Let’s go!” – Christa M

Favorite Artist

Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson

Day Job

Cardiac Surgery Assistant

I have been teaching in the Fort Bend county area for four years and am excited to bring my New York style of dance to Houston. I’ve worked with dancers from as young as 18 months to as old as 76! Everyone can move something! And I can make sure that you are moving to the beat!

My classes are always a combination of technique, cardio, conditioning and swag. Come prepared to burn 3-400 calories, to sweat and to have fun!
Guilty Pleasure: Oreo cookies. I can a whole row in less than 30 mins!

Unapologetic moment

Teaching a contemporary combo to Slippery by Migos

Confident moment

Seeing my face throughout Houston and Dallas on the Mint Dentistry billboards… Yes! “I Make Sexy Teeth”

How do you take care of your Inner Me

Morning jazz. No social media after 10:00 AM. Water is Life so drink more than yesterday.