Motion and Energy: Flexibility, Cardio Lessons & Dance Classes in Houston



Developed to provide strength and tone to your core stabilization muscles. Our classes are for all levels, however, they are designed so each member will reach their fullest potential. Absolutely no previous experience is required. Age, size, and shape do not matter

Adult Ballet

This is a Series class, not a ME class. Point your toes as you experience this beautiful style of dance. A series class that is for all levels. Sign Up


Advanced Stretching / Contortion

This is a Series class, not a ME class. This series is great for anyone wanting to improve their overall flexibility and range of motion no matter your starting level.  Sign Up


Belly Dancing

A fun low impact workout designed to tone your abdominal muscles and arms while improving your flexibility.  Sign Up


Cardio Boxing

Get ready to sweat, tone, burn calories and strengthen your total body as you punch, jab and uppercut your way through this class!

Hip Hop Dance

Cutting edge choreography that includes popping, locking, gliding, sliding, bouncing and waving.  Sign up

Hip Hop Yoga / PIYOLET

Ashtanga-style yoga (vigorous and athletic) to your favorite music with up-tempo beats.  Sign Up


Indoor Bootcamp

With Houston’s temperatures broiling outside, indoor boot camps are effective and safer. Multiple training stations are provided and specially designed to work each body part. Sign Up


Innergize (Me)

A cardio class that will not only raise your heart rate but adds abs and stretching. You’ll leave Energized!



Experience a cycling class at Inner Me Studios. Each fitness professional brings something unique to his/her own classes but you’ll never get “boring” from either professional! Also, make these toggles alphabetical order

Step Aerobics

A type of aerobics that involves stepping up onto and down from a portable block and then add an Inner Me spin on it with great music and there you have it!


Tease (Me) - Chair Dancing

Fun, flirty….and with a chair! Great for your thighs (calves too if you dare to wear heels) your bum, and abs.   Sign Up


Tease (Me) - Stiletto Fit

Learn to dance like the hottest divas in the music business. Tap into your inner Beyonce in this 90-minute course that also includes new choreography in each class.   Sign Up


Urban Kickboxing

Leave your dancing shoes at home; this is not your typical cardio kickboxing class. This is an intense total body workout that improves strength, endurance, coordination, and balance. Sign Up



Dance to exotic Latin rhythms set to high energy Latin and International beats. Good attention skills are a must since the music changes frequently.   Sign Up