Deandre J. (Dre)


Beaumont, Tx

Favorite Quote

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”

Favorite Artist

Bruno Mars

Day Job

Customer Service Rep

I am a very bubbly, energetic, and fun loving individual that loves to make everything into something fun and artistic. Dancing has always been an outlet for me and I love the opportunity to teach students how to release their emotions through dance whether it be anger, sadness, feeling sexy, and being empowered. My classes are very fun and energetic, yet spontaneous and educational. I teach the art of dance and will have you ready to perform. My inspiration is the beauty of things around me, especially in nature. So I can be very random at times, lol but overall you won’t leave my class unsatisfied!

How do I take care of my Inner Me

First and far most by staying positive and keeping positivity around me. It is very hard in a world that’s full of negativity but we have to remember we are in control.

Confident moment

Performing with a live band (you never know what to expect).

Confident Moment

Anytime I’m on stage, I lose myself and I go into an alter ego named Dre BadYella…. lol! whenever I’m not feeling confident dancing allows me to be.