Before Class: What Do I Need to Know

  • Please reserve your class in advance and arrive 15 minutes early if it is your first time.
  • Attire: Wear comfortable workout attire and sneakers or heels

During Class: What to Expect

  • Itinerary: Class will begin with a total body warmup and light stretch. Classes include low to moderate level intensity cardio dance moves focused on the total body. You’ll focus on one choreography to one song throughout each class. Typically the song changes, however, the instructor may repeat the song a couple of times.
  • Classes are for All Levels. However, during your first class, it is common to feel lost.  As you continue with more classes it’ll get easier to pick up choreography.
  • Benefits: Upper and lower body and core strength, weight loss, increased flexibility, and toning.

After Class: Now What

  • Expect to be really sore. Continue to stretch at home and plan your next workout soon to get over the soreness more quickly.
  • For increased benefit, do not allow too much time to pass before attending your next lesson.

I LOVE this studio. The staff always greets you with a smile and the instructors make you feel welcome and free to express yourself via dance. I like the fact that I can take drop-in classes without having to be a member. I would recommend the studio to anyone who loves to dance or for those who are looking to get a good workout.

Elisha Caston

What Is Chair Dancing? 

In Chair Dancing, you’ll perform dance movements on and off the chair and move your upper body with the beat of the music, as guided by the instructor. Chair dancing is full of fun where you do aerobics with music, and thus, your body gets proper exercise too.

Why Should You Choose Chair Dancing at Inner Me?

  • It is fun: In this dance form, your arms move in one direction while your legs move in another. Enjoy dancing on every beat of the music. This is fun and exciting, and older adults are also entertained in doing this.
  • It comes with health benefits: Chair Dancing can improve the condition of your cardiovascular health by keeping your blood pressure under control.
  • Meet new people: Finally, this is one of the major benefits of attending a chair dancing class. You can meet people of your age and mentality and have fun together. As it is a group task, also learn how to work together, share your thoughts, and listen to others.

 Benefits of Chair Dancing Classes

To get the best classes and training on Chair Dancing, join Inner Me now, where you can also find many other modes of exercise. However, chair dancing comes with certain health benefits like,

  • Keeps your heart in a good condition
  • Lowers your high blood pressure
  • Stay away from anxiety and depression
  • Helps to improve your memory

These are the reasons why people prefer to join a chair dancing class at Inner Me. Go for it and fill your life with good health and excitement.

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