Amber K


Houston, Texas

Favorite Quote

“Risk the fall to know how it feels to fly.”

Favorite Artist

Anela Kuzmina

Day Job

Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer

I started in fitness at age 5 with women’s gymnastics. I competed for 10 years, and then moved on to be a coach specializing in functional movement. I love to go upside down, so I started pole dancing in college. I quickly fell in love with pole and want to share the fun with those that want to learn. My goal as a coach is to bring what I’ve learned about the body to my students so they can strengthen their body and stay safe under the demands of acrobatics. I am picky with form and put an emphasis on stability.

Guilty pleasure

Sipping honey out of the jar

Confident moment

Competing in pole on stage

What’s your tidbit

Health is wealth, so take care of yourself.

What’s up with your class?

My Upper Beginner Pole classes are for customers who want to develop cleaner lines and smoother transitions for their pole goals. This class will be technique based and focus on quality of execution, power, and control. The style of dance will vary from class to class. We will work both sides.