Combining the discipline of Ballet with the free form of Contemporary Dance. Come and do a ballet warm-up but then turn around and learn contemporary dance. It’s the best of both worlds!

Before Class: What Do I Need to Know

  • Space is limited in size. Reserve your lesson in advance online or call us.
  • Please arrive before the scheduled start of class. For safety reasons we prefer customers partake in the class warmup.
  • Attire: Wear comfortable workout or dance attire. You may wear ballet shoes, jazz shoes or socks.

During Class: What to Expect

  • Itinerary: Class will begin with a total body warmup. Classes include barre, across the floor, and choreography.
  • Classes are for All Levels, however, the instructor will provide pointers and modifications for beginners, intermediate and advanced customers.
  • Benefits: Lower body and core strength, weight loss, increased flexibility, toning, self-awareness and improved posture.

After Class: Now What

  • Expect to feel relaxed and encouraged.
  • For increased benefit, do not allow too much time to pass before attending your next lesson.

I have a lot of fun at the classes here. The instructors are very friendly and welcoming. It doesn’t matter what your skill level or experience is; the instructors work with everyone individually throughout the class based on your skill level.

Sarah Klesel

What is Ballet? 

Ballet Dance is a popular art form developed using the human body movement. It can either reveal a story or describe a thought, emotion, or concept. Ballet dance might be disturbing, provoking, exciting or magical. In other words, it is theatrically performed at the stage before the audience using lighting, scenic design and costumes. Inner Me Studios is a one-stop solution for all your favorite group classes.

Benefits of Ballet

By taking a Ballet Dance class at Inner Me Studios, you are sure to get the following benefits for your body.

  • Improve Mental Strength & Focus: This dance helps in improving your imaginative power. As a result, the brain tends to create new neural pathways for strengthening comprehension, memory and learning ability and power.
  • Artistic Development: It is considered a highly aesthetic art form that keeps you fit forever. Those who have started to learn ballet dance must have surely obsessed with this art form.
  • Physical Coordination, Posture, and Grace: The core principles of ballet dancing are that it focuses on poise, strength, coordination and balance. Moreover, it helps in improving good posture and a strong core.
  • Excellent Body Awareness: During dance class, you will tend to learn about good body awareness. You will know about how to stand tall, feel pointed, shoulders down, and much more. Many people are completely conscious of every single stage of their body to do the steps correctly.

Why You Should Perform Ballet for Exercise

Inner Me Studies offer extensive fitness exercises like Ballet Dance for all-aged people. It has tremendous benefits in terms of emotional well-being and health. Here are the reasons why you must perform a ballet dance

  • During ballet dance, every muscle segment will be actively engaged in body movement, so you will lose fat and get well-toned muscles.
  • It is good for children to improve their confidence levels. After taking up ballet lessons, they are sure to master up a new skill and express their eagerness to learn more.
  • It boosts flexibility and suppleness. In this way, your legs become healthy and fit enough.
  • Ballet requires you to think many things simultaneously, like picking up choreography and executing movements quickly. Besides, it improves better memory and concentration.

Thus, Ballet Dance helps you to improve your posture along with a beautiful look. Contact Inner Me Studios for more information. By taking part in the exercise program, you are sure to learn more beyond your expectations!

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