Belly Dancing

Low impact workout designed to tone your abdominal muscles and arms and improve your flexibility.

Before Class: What Do I Need to Know

  • We recommend reserving your class in advance however it is not required.
  • Attire: Wear comfortable workout or dance attire. You may wear ballet shoes, jazz shoes, sneakers, socks or barefoot. Belly dancing skirts are optional.

During Class: What to Expect

  • Itinerary: Class will begin with a total body warmup. Classes include belly dancing basics, across the floor, and choreography.
  • Classes are for All Levels, however, the instructor will provide pointers and modifications for beginners, intermediate and advanced customers.
  • Benefits: Lower body and core strength, weight loss, increased flexibility, toning, self-awareness and improved posture.

After Class: Now What

  • Expect to feel relaxed and encouraged.
  • For increased benefit, do not allow too much time to pass before attending your next lesson.

Super super super outstanding class!  Our dance instructor was very knowledgeable, patient, cared enough to stop class to make sure we understood the moves and made sure to see the positive in every individuals who participated in class.  Loved it! ??

Glenda Reyes

Belly Dancing Fitness / Exercise

Belly dancing is one of the most exquisite dance forms, originating in Egypt that has taken the world by storm. The history of Belly Dancing takes us back to the earliest times in medieval Egypt and Arabia. Today, everyone feels that Belly dancing or Raqs Sharki is more than just a dance. With a special focus on the belly or waist, the dance is also a chosen workout for many at Inner Me Studios in Houston.

Benefits of Taking Our Belly Dancing Classes

You can reap plenty of health benefits of Belly Dancing from Inner Me Studios classes.

  • Help in Weight Loss: One of the highlights of this Raqs Sharki or belly dancing is the way it works effectively to burn those stubborn calories. Thus, with the swaying of hips and complicated twists and twirls, you can attend the classes at Inner Me Studios once or twice a week.
  • Ease in Delivery of a Child: The weight loss aspect on one side, there is more to Belly Dancing for fitness. The dance helps in preparing your hips and abdominal muscles for childbirth. Special classes for a pre-natal phase helps in the pelvic floor to get strength through this dance form.
  • Improve Body Posture: The dance ensures you to move your hips and work out intricate movements of the shimmies, and the figure eights or even the hip drops. This relieves the muscles of your vertebrae and gives you excellent posture.
  • Relief from Joint Pain: The dance works better to improve the flow of natural synovial fluid in the joints, thereby reducing any creakiness or pains in knees and joints.
  • Increase Bone Density: Women tend to face calcium deficiencies, thereby losing the density of bones. Belly dance improves, increasing this bone density.

Why Should You Do Belly Dancing? 

Belly Dance for Fitness is now a trend, and here we list why you should go for the same too.

  • This is a low-impact dance form with special attention to all parts of the body.
  • The fluid movements and graceful steps to dance to the music is an enjoyable art form.
  • Let yourself be stress-free as you dance like no one’s watching!
  • Those circular hip movements can relieve you from any PMS pains or cramps.

To enjoy the health benefits of Belly Dancing, sign up for the classes at Inner Me Studios in Houston, Texas, or call to talk to our experts to find a suitable schedule.