Christina J


Brooklyn, NY

Favorite Quote to Live By

If it doesn’t challenge you it won’t change you!

Favorite Artist

Teyanna Taylor

Day Job

Staffing Manager (HR)

I am a down to earth extrovert who loves the energy of being around different kinds of people. Growing up as a Tomboy, playing so many different sports, and typically dancing to hip-hop and afro beats I never would’ve imagined Pole Dancing. Pole Dancing definitely exposed a whole side of me that I was too shy to reveal but was secretly dying to let out. I began teaching because I fell in love with the idea of helping my students release that inner sexy! In my class not only will we build muscle, tone up and improve flexibility, but best of all, we will build self-confidence! I am inspired by any and all progress. We must celebrate the small victories!

Guilty pleasure

NBA Athletes (Don’t judge me lol!)

Confident moment

Finally lading an Iron X (Pole move) after attempting for so long.

How do you take care of your Inner Me?

By being my authentic self. Also, by continuously setting goals for myself and stopping at nothing to achieve them.