Curby R


Minneapolis, Minnesota

Favorite Quote to Live By

 “Without Resilience, I am nothing”

Favorite Artist

Eminem, Beyonce, and Sinead Harnett

Day Job

Licensed Professional Counselor

Guilty pleasure

There’s no guilt in watching tv on the couch in your snuggie!

Confident moment

Anytime I Dance or perform.

Live Out Loud Moment

Performing in my first Pole Competition. I chose to do a BLM piece and I was proud of what I accomplished!

Confident Moment

I love that I have many layers. I can present in a board room or dance on tables!

Class description

I believe in using dance to let done any barriers to achieving your best self! You can be anyone you want and you can showcase that persona through dance! My classes will challenge the stigma of what being “lady-like” means and push you to explore your own definitions of sexy, feminine, and sassy! Being confident with the person you see in the mirror is all that matters. It does not matter your shape, size, or beliefs… Dance brings us together! Come have an incredible time twerking, poling, or strutting with me!