Cydnee W


Houston, Texas

Favorite Quote to Live By

 “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Favorite Artist

I listen to a little bit of everything, but I am an old soul at heart. I STAN Donny Hathaway, but I also LOVE Emily King, SZA, and Teyana Taylor.

Day Job

High School Counselor

Guilty pleasure

On a cold day, I love to lay on the couch and eat Ice Cream and binge watch a show!

Confident moment

The first time I watched a recording of myself dancing and realizing “Hey, I actually look kind of good!”

Sexy Moment

When we use the neon lights during Stiletto Fit, and I let the music move me.

What’s Your Tidbit

The world may not know that I used to travel and compete in public speaking competitions beginning at age 3.

Class description

I have always been passionate about fitness and its direct correlation to mental health. I love trying new physical activities, and have dabbled in everything from Aerial Yoga and African Dance to Pole and CrossFit. However, Spin is by far my favorite workout! I am most excited about creating themed rides for my classes and including the customers in the song selection process. My goal is to make Spin just as enjoyable and therapeutic for you as it is for me.

How do you take care of your inner me

I take care of MY Inner Me but maintaining a healthy lifestyle, going to therapy, and taking time for myself.