Deep Stretching / Contortion

Full body exercises to improve and gain your flexibility in all areas including side splits, middle splits, backbends, hips, and shoulder flexibility.

Before Class: What Do I Need to Know

  • Space is limited in size. Reserve your lesson in advance online or call us.
  • Please arrive before the scheduled start of class. For safety reasons we prefer customers partake in the class warmup.
  • Attire: Wear comfortable workout or dance attire. You may attend class in barefoot or socks.

During Class: What to Expect

  • Itinerary: Class will begin with a total body warmup. Stretches will focus on neck, shoulders, core, back, legs and ankles. A full total body stretch.
  • Classes are for All Levels, however, the instructor will provide pointers and modifications for beginners, intermediate and advanced customers.
  • Benefits: Core strength, weight loss, increased flexibility, toning, self-awareness and improved posture.

After Class: Now What

  • Expect to feel relaxed and encouraged.
  • For increased benefit, do not allow too much time to pass before attending your next lesson.

What Are Deep Stretching Classes? 

Deep stretching, combined with flexibility, is a popular exercise form. The flexibility and stretching exercises help in toning your full body as well as prevents the forms of injuries. To enhance the flexibility in your body, the Inner Me Studios in Houston, Texas, provides both static and dynamic deep stretching exercises. Our flexibility exercises along with the stretching, are designed for beginners, intermediate, and advanced level trainees. The focus is to make your body flexible, impart the overall strength, and condition your muscles to remain flexible.

Benefits of Increased Flexibility

As deep stretches help you to relax your body, the exercises like side splits can induce flexibility. So, it is necessary to perform these exercises under expert guidance from Inner Me Studios in Houston, Texas. Our workouts provide overall support to your body with great benefits.

  • Increase Mobility: The deep stretching exercises, along with flexibility training aids in promoting mobility and motion in people who don’t do many physical activities.
  • The connection between Muscle & Mind: Moreover, flexibility exercises support in building a connection between muscle and mind. It will also prepare your mind for tackling the intense body workout movements.
  • No Feeling of Pain: If you are doing flexibility training along with deep stretching, then you can work in a better way on opening and lengthening your muscles. The less tensed muscles give less pain. There may be no room left for muscle cramps.
  • Maintains Body Balance: The muscular flexibility followed by stretching provides balance to your body and improves the posture too. If there are any imbalances, they will also get corrected. By doing flexibility training, you can sit or stand in several ways without any difficulty.

Why Should You Choose Stretching / Flexibility Classes?

It is quite essential to improve body flexibility to enhance your muscle movements. Below are a few significant pointers to do flexibility and deep stretching:

  • The regular stretching and flexibility opens up your body movements and provides immense relaxation.
  • Deep stretching and flexibility provide great flexibility, ensures free muscle movements, and also support your overall body strength.
  • It also helps in reducing any risk of injuries as muscles can support your body movements as they become flexible.
  • You will not feel any soreness or inflammation in your muscles after doing flexibility training and deep stretching.

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