Donnie J.


Houston, Tx

Favorite Quote

“Live your own truth, be who you want to be”

Favorite Artist

Janet Jackson, Brandy, and Tank

Day Job

Helping my mom

What inspired me to dance is my life story and what I been through dancing helps me release it. I am unique in my personality. Everyone loves how I make them feel and my energy. Teaching other people makes me feel important and that I am needed. You can expect to get some good cardio, but at the same time have so much fun and get to joke around in class. Come and experience it!

Guilty pleasure

I love eating hot chips and ice cream! lol Don’t judge me!

Confident moment

When I got a standing ovation at the Houston Texans audition and was pictured in the Houston Chronicle for it. Also winning my first state title, I am a former Mr. Texas USOFA at Large in the gay community.

What’s your tidbit

When I was a kid, I actually liked school and my favorite subject was English.