Jamie M.



Houston, Tx

Favorite Quote

“Bars? I raise them. Lives? I change them.”

Favorite Artist

I don’t have one. I like anyone and any genre that makes me smile and move.

Day Job

Accountant/Certified Health Coach

Jamie’s class is fitness and fun all wrapped into one. It is based on the latest pop and hip-hop music that you currently hear on the radio and some old school hits as well. What makes her class unique is that it is loud, energetic, and addictive, yet it is designed to meet you at your fitness level. She focuses on increasing the intensity of her classes, but also embraces and motivates those who require modifications. Jamie started her fitness journey by doing dance fitness. She grew to love the atmosphere and family environment of group classes so much that she decided to become an instructor. She did this not only grow in her personal fitness journey but to help others with theirs as well. Jamie gets her inspiration from watching her students grow and transform through dance fitness. What she loves most about teaching is motivating others on their fitness journey with her ability to connect with anyone and make them feel carefree yet empowered.

Guilty pleasure

My not-so-guilty pleasure is Kombucha. It’s not a guilty pleasure because it is a health drink. However, I become somewhat guilty when I drink more than I should.

Confident moment

My confident moment is anytime I am in front of a class. It is like a switch is turned on, my smile lights up, and I am ready

How do you take care of your Inner Me

Daily self-care including journaling, affirmations and practicing gratitude is how I take care of my inner me.