Lindsay T


Frewsburg, NY

Favorite Quote

A woman does not need to be modest to deserve respect

Favorite Artist

I have an eclectic taste – but I do favor things I can grind to.

Day Job

Teacher & Librarian.

I was a contact sports athlete until I had too many injuries to continue. I started practicing yoga and weightlifting therapeutically in 2004, eventually going through several movement training programs from 2011-2013, then being inspired to live abroad in Thailand to study massage and the body. My interests expanded into dance and calisthenics until I saw a close friend pole dancing on Facebook and decided I HAD to try it. Since then, I have won three competitions and continue to be fascinated with the movement possibilities the pole affords. I am VERY concerned with preventing injury, building intelligent strength, and helping you feel and express sensuality – whatever that means to you. .

Guilty pleasure

Laying on the couch with my cat and eating an entire bag of chips while reading a romance novel.

Confident moment

Hearing the cheers and applause during and after a performance. 

How do you take care of your Inner Me?

Putting on an outfit that makes me feel good, and freestyling on my home pole.