Lori O. Lord


Houston, TX

Favorite Quote to Live By

Be great anyway.

Favorite Artist

Mary J. Blige

Day Job

Marketing and Brand Strategy Consultant

I love uplifting the people around me, especially women and that is one of the main reasons I appreciate being a part of the INNER ME team! I teach INNER ME RIDE (Cycling) where you may or may not catch me twerking it out on the bike to your favorite ratchet track or riding out to some throwback R&B. It’s an intense, but super fun cardio experience that promotes pushing through to get to your best self and year-round summertime bodies!!

Guilty pleasure

French fries. I l LOVE fries. Smh.

What’s Your Tidbit

I am a classically trained ballet dancer.

How do you take care of your Inner Me?

The best way I take care of my INNER ME is by simply owning my spiritual, physical and mental being, answering to my needs – when needed. We all are often taking care of others, but taking care of yourself should be your first priority so that you can be your best for those around you.