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How many classes can I take?

You will have 14 days to take your 2 premium classes and separate 7 consecutive days to take unlimited Basic Classes. That means you can also take multiple classes per day.

What are premium classes?

Our premium classes include: Pole Dancing, Deep Stretch, Ballet Fusion and Twerk. These specialty classes are limited in space and allow for a more intimate experience.

What are basic classes?

Our basic classes include: Salsa, Hip Hop Dance, Cycling, Zumba, Yoga, Chair Dancing, Step Aerobics, Strength & Conditioning, and more.

What If I don’t want to take any Premium Classes or Basic Classes?

Think of those classes as free gift with purchase. This offer saves money on either end as you’ll save from purchasing single classes.

Do I need to register in advance?

We strongly suggest signing up for classes beforehand to reserve your spot while space lasts. Also you’ll be get important information before the start of your class.

What if I’ve never done this before?

We all start somewhere! We have new customers in each class daily and the instructors are ready to receive you. Classes that are marked as INT – intermediate or ADV – advanced are not beginner friendly.

When can I start?

You can start anytime. We recommend starting today! We have classes every day. You can view our class schedule here: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com

When are your classes?

Our classes start at 6am and as late as 8:45pm.

Why Inner Me?

  • Take classes under our new club lights to elevate your workout experience.
  • A short drive to central Houston. Come for the workout and stay for the vibes.
  • We have 5 studio rooms. Each studio has a different aura and feel.
  • Everyone here is awesome and cool! Make new friends within our Inner Circle community.
  • Retain knowledge from our instructors who went through a very rigorous process to be able to teach you.
  • Let loose and be yourself. This is your ME time.

What are customers are saying

My friend and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this studio…and still have conversations about our experience here!!! Our teacher was Briona Beginning Pole and she is incredibly talented and so educated in pole technique ♥️ And the beautiful staff upfront so sweet and welcoming! I can’t wait to go back . We also took Tease Me Chair Dancing with Donnie, 😍 both classes made us feel alive! The teachers here are absolutely amazing 🤩

Tina Tina

This studio is so welcoming to everyone and I adore the variety of unique classes! Instructors are kind and knowledgeable. I can see myself making a lot of friends here and would highly recommend for fitness and fun. I’m always in a good mood in class.

Addie Eliades

Inner Me offers the best in class in regards to Pole fitness and other fun forms of exercise. Their instruction is fantastic. Their teachers are knowledgeable and skilled. You feel safe and secure. And as I added plus the studio is very spacious and you never have to share a pole with another person.

Holly Dean