Spencer Logan


Santa Barbara, CA

Favorite Quote to Live By

Own who you are without compromise -Anna Wintour

Favorite Artist

Tracy Chapman (when I’m in the feels)
Jess Glynne (when I’m wanting to be semi relevant)

Day Job

Life Coach, and Sign Language interpreter (I’m multi-passionate)

I believe that self love is the most important lessons people need to learn, and I bring that into my class. I push the sweat out of students by bumping booty werking songs, and telling them how amazing they are! I make people fall in love with their reflection while working out. At the end of class I’m inspired by how much love and hard work flows in the room.

Guilty Pleasure

Watching senator and/or priest scandals. I can’t stand hypocrisy!

Unapologietic moment

When I was 21 and walked away from an emotionally unavailable ex. I remembered that I was a priority and deserved to find my own happiness

How do you take care of your Inner Me?

Prayer, Meditation, Reading, Writing, and DANCING!!!