Steffi (Stephanie)



Favorite Quote to Live By

Art disease is caused by hardening of the categories!

Favorite Artist

Really? Can not name them all because- the arts are so broad!! Here are a Alvin Ailey, Leonardo Da Vinci, Bob Fosse, Martha Graham

Day Job

You’re lookin’ at it! Physical Therapist, Group Fitness Instructor, Movement Improvement Coach, strength and conditioning personal trainer, motivator and team player.

I am a movement lover and dance enthusiast! I am moved by music so much that I can not be still at all when I feel it! My professional experience through years of physical therapy care, personal training, (as well as being trained myself by experienced trainers in Kickboxing, pilates, strength training, step aerobics, many forms of dance, and fitness dance variety) makes me grateful for a place like inner me to pass my passion along to other people aiming to improve their own fitness and have FUN with it! I got into teaching because of my love of dance, physical fitness, & the art and science of body language. My classes are fun and different each time but always expect some educational aspect about your body. I want your body & mind to connect as you move and find your strength! While in my class you can totally “let go and lose yourself” one moment, in another moment I’ll bring your focus and attention INTO your body and breath.

Guilty pleasure

Chocolate – often!

Confident moment

When I’m teaching and I feel others’ energy being uplifted by their own freedom and exploration of movement.

How do you take care of your Inner Me?

Always be a student, even when teaching. There is something to be learned from every interaction. I learn by watching my students move and I learn by being a student in the classes of other dancers & teachers. When I’m really taking care of my Inner Me, I make time for myself to do the restorative work & corrective exercises that I teach my students in our movement coaching sessions.