Trish A.


Houston, Tx

Favorite Quote

“Don’t let anyone treat you like free salsa, you are guac!”

Favorite Artist

Janet Jackson

Day Job

Contracts Manager – Oil & Gas

My journey at Inner Me started after a friend suggested I do a workshop with her in late 2010. I quickly fell in love with the atmosphere and the energy. One year later, I auditioned to be an instructor and now I teach fitness classes like Spin and Nightclub Cardio. I’m also known to switch gears and teach a Chair, Heels, or Sexy Pole class.
If I’m teaching a fitness class, you will find that I play current hits from different genres to help motivate and empower those attending. If you find you’re taking a chair class or a dance workshop with me, I break down the music so you can focus on challenging yourself but not feel defeated. I want anyone taking a class with me to be able to forget about their day and just enjoy that time for themselves. I want you to “werk” on your fitness while enjoying the music and the company of those around you all trying to do the same.

Guilty pleasure

Binge watching baking shows on Netflix.

Sexy Moment

when I put on a new pair of heels or listen to Bruno Mars

What’s your tidbit

I have a tendency to nerd out on Comic Books and Video games