Xavier LeFlore


Hattiesburg, MS

Favorite Quote to Live By

“Don’t just be, be the best!” Xavier L.

Favorite Artist

Big Krit and J. Cole

Day Job

Math Teacher

My class targets fat loss and muscle growth. I cater to special needs and I modify my workouts accordingly. The intensity varies from moderate to high intensity. My music ranges from 90s to Buchata to Hip Hop. Each class will actively engage core muscles.

I got into fitness because I had the opportunity to study exercises that were life changing for me while in sports. The feeling of accomplishment when my hardwork turned into results made me dig deeper info fitness.

I hold a degree in Exercise Science and a certification in personal training. I am highly inspired to help others reach their fitness goals. I motivate my customers by connecting with them mentally, physically and spiritually.

Guilty pleasure

I love pancakes, chicken tenders and dancing!

Confident moment

This moment comes when my preparation meets my performance.

What’s Your Tidbit

I love music and I play the viola from time to time.